Making the Laser Sound Effect for Our-Gang X TV Program

Im not yet make the episodes of my program, but i make the famous laser sound effect with my slinky. Video Rating: 0 / 5

The Inception Sound EVERYWHERE NOW!

I had been putting off making an Inception sound montage. But, after watching the new Avengers trailer, I couldn’t stand it anymore. All of these clips are f…

Sailor Moon Classic Make Up Full Theme (No sound effects)

Sailor Moon First Season Make Up Scene Full Theme Make Up for Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter & Venus I do not own this song or the picture, they both be… Video Rating: 5 / 5

MAKING SOUND EFFECTS – Ocean Sound Effect (Hand Made) – by Linden Hudson

See Linden’s other tutorials at: Linden wrote a famous ZZ Top song: +++ This is a short tutorial. Here,…

Sound Design Tutorial: Making Impact Sound Effects

Created by Jim Stout for

Hi electronic music lovers out there. I want to give you a little view behind the scenes of our music productions. This project is very special in this case! We got a little discussion… Continue reading

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