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The Editors/Developers of our site are all veterans of the film industry having worked actively in independent film, music videos, documentaries and an academy award winning film incorporating over 35 years of experience.

Annually there are literally thousands of projects with a great story, wonderful acting, and superb photography get nowhere. Film Festivals reject thousands of superb artistic Projects. Why? Because without the signed contracts no distributor will put funds into promotion and very few theater owners will project it. Why? Because an injunction can be sought by any person depicted in the project who has not signed a release, thereby stopping any and all exhibitions of the Project until further negotiations.

In an effort to get more Independent Projects to exhibition the Editors have developed ScripttoSales.com. Do not waste your valuable money, time and effort to not even get exhibited, let alone have a chance for income and maybe profit. Get the contracts signed by every person involved in your Project.

Script To SalesOur Guide is meant to be utilized in conjunction with the contracts provided on Independentfilmmakercontracts.com to provide you, the independent Producer or Investor, with solid contractual backing for your Project. Have your lawyer review the contracts with consideration to your unique situations.

Should you have suggestions to improve the Guide or find a need for another contract, please forward your suggestion to support@ScripttoSales.com.

Your credit card purchases are handled on our secure server. We keep no private information about you the filmmaker. You receive no un-requested emails.

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