Making of Heavy Hand music video with NVIDIA Quadro and Adobe Creative Suite 6

Check out the making of this far out music video of the indie band, Heavy Hand, with NVIDIA’s Sean Kilbride, and see how the extensive set of NVIDIA GPU acce… Video Rating: 4 / 5

MAKING SOUND EFFECTS – Ocean Sound Effect (Hand Made) – by Linden Hudson

See Linden’s other tutorials at: http://lindenhudson.com/tu Linden wrote a famous ZZ Top song: http://lindenhudson.com/fa +++ This is a short tutorial. Here,…

♛ Skyrim Massive AI Battles – 30 Silver Hand VS 4 Savage Werewolves

Aight People This is a pretty interesting battle xD Keep my forum post alive by leaving an awesome comment! forums.steampowered.com Video Rating: 4 / 5

Channel Cheese – Traditional making of Toma Ossolana by hand in Northern Italy – How to make cheese!

In this charming ep, Alison travels to the Domodossola mountains in northern Italy to watch as the cheesemaker makes Toma Ossolana – a hard cows milk cheese – in a copper pot over an open fire. There are lots of… Continue reading

Emgu CV Hand Gestures Recognition Advanced Tutorial

In this tutorial i show how to perform hand gestures recognition using EmguCV, an opencv c# wrapper. The approach i show you is based on skin detection and convex hull and defects computation. You can download the full code at:… Continue reading

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