MAKING SOUND EFFECTS – Ocean Sound Effect (Hand Made) – by Linden Hudson

See Linden’s other tutorials at: Linden wrote a famous ZZ Top song: +++ This is a short tutorial. Here,…

Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson – Church Folks [Lyrics In The Description]

This video is dedicated to all the church folks out there. The one’s that judge people when they are the main one’s doing wrong themselves. IN THE CHURCH!!! Jesus spoke on this when they were about to stone the women.… Continue reading

CoinOpTV – Mass Effect 3 Interviews Casey Hudson & Mac Walters

Visit for more video game interviews and reviews! Mass Effect 3 Interviews Casey Hudson & Mac Walters Robert Welkner of COIN-OP TV interviews BioWare developers at the Mass Effect 3 West LA Gamestop midnight launch event. Find out directly… Continue reading

Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson – Ratchet Girl Anthem (SHE RACHEET!)

Ratchet Girl Anthem – The Single Now Avaliable on iTunes – epHudson Store – Vote Now – Text EMM to 799-22 & Vote to get #RatchetGirlAnthem on @BET @106ANDPARK DO IT NOW LET’S SHOW TERRENCE AND ROCSI… Continue reading

Moscow On The Hudson

Robin Williams will make you laugh and cry as a freedom-loving Soviet defector in this brilliant, thought-provoking romantic comedy. Circus saxophonist Vladimir Ivanoff (Williams) suddenly defects from his touring troupe in that temple of Western decadence – Bloomingdale’s. Fleeing the… Continue reading

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