Sound Design Tutorial: Making Impact Sound Effects

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FL Studio - production - Andy Finn & Nick Sunchild - Spiky (Session One Mix)

Hi electronic music lovers out there. I want to give you a little view behind the scenes of our music productions. This project is very special in this case! We got a little discussion with some guys about music production and what programs suits. After talking about the usual progs like, Cubase, Logic, Ableton those guys really said… FL Studio won´t fit in this case of professional music production software….. Have to say we also use other progs the main time because of several reasons but not because of the widely spread myth “FL Studio got a bad audio quality”…! Because I´ma “FL Studio lover” of the early days (I would never had started making music without FL), and this “MYTH” I want to prove the power of this program to those who got no idea what they are talking about and also to check our producing skills! So we decided to produce this whole track in FL Studio ONLY this time! If you know how… there is no problem of creating professional music with FL. Wish you much fun with “Spiky (Session One Mix)” Andy Finn & Nick Sunchild
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