Sailor Moon Classic Make Up Full Theme (No sound effects)

Sailor Moon First Season Make Up Scene Full Theme Make Up for Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter & Venus I do not own this song or the picture, they both be… Video Rating: 5 / 5

Original Tetris theme (Tetris Soundtrack)

For all Tetris Fans. Video Rating: 4 / 5

Theme to “Barbie as Rapunzel”- Song and Lyrics

*Edit* So when I went back to check the lyrics because someone commented a line sounded strange, I found out that I had accidentally put down “Don’t look in the town” when it should have been “Don’t look in the… Continue reading

Every Legend of Zelda game’s overworld theme *As of August 2011*

*Note this does not include spin-off games such as four swords and link’s crossbow training or CDI pc games such as Wand of Gamelon* Listen to them all if you want or use the info below to skip to your… Continue reading

Doctor Who – Glynn vs. Gold 2010 (1986 & 2010 Theme) Remix

A video for another mix I did a while ago, this time a remix of the Doctor Who theme arrangements produced by Dominic Glynn in 1986 and Murray Gold’s most recent theme in 2010. I felt these two themes actually… Continue reading

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