BYOD – Sundance Docs Pt.2 – 5 Broken Cameras, The Other Dream Team, The Tsunami & The Cherry Blossom

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: BYOD continues coverage of Sundance 2012 with the makers of three documentaries that focused the festival’s attention around the globe. First off, Ondi and Vlad sit down with Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi, the makers of “5 Broken… Continue reading

Pro Tools for Beginners: Setting up a record session in ProTools pt.2

For more information on Personal ProTools Lessons CLICK HERE: Hey everybody, If you know me, you know that I’ve been writing and producing music for about seven years now. Using popular programs such as Reason, ProTools, and Ableton Live.… Continue reading

BYOD – SXSW FF Pt.2: Exposé films, Wikileaks, Code of the West, and Bay of All Saints

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: On the second installment of BYOD at SXSW, Vlad and Ondi focus on exposé documentaries that screened at the festival. First we talk with Patrick Forbes, the last man standing in the race to get a Wikileaks documentary.… Continue reading

Adventures of a Noob | EP7 | Tower of Noob Pt.2

Minecraft Lets Play – Adventures of a Noob – Episode 7 – Tower of Noob Pt2. In this episode Keralis will continue with the building of the Tower of Noob. As most people wrote in comments they wanted the whole… Continue reading

Q&A: X-Men fans only, Do you think I should try and write and X-Men 4 pt.2?

Question by Big Sha456: X-Men fans only, Do you think I should try and write and X-Men 4 pt.2? For the people who have already answered pt.1 of my x-men 4 question thank you! So far, everyone has said… Continue reading

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