Bring Your Own Doc – “Ricky on Leacock” An Artist Exposé with Filmmaker Jane Weiner on BYOD DocuWeeks EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Respected Doc Director and Producer Jane Weiner shares her stunning portrait of Ricky Leacock with BYOD. She talks with Ondi about the shifts in filming that Leacock pioneered and have shaped how everyone makes… Continue reading

BYOD – Who Killed the Electric Car? and Revenge of the Electric Car w Director Chris Paine

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Chris Paine is a filmmaker with a scientific background to back up his passion. Having worked on the Mars rovers, his interest in electric vehicles was stoked to a degree that saw him make “Who Killed the Electric… Continue reading

BYOD – Sundance Docs Pt.4 – Marina Abramovic, How to Survive a Plague, and Under African Skies

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Ondi and Vlad are back for the fourth and final installment from Sundance 2012. First, speaking with Matthew Akers about his film, “Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present,” they get closer to the mystery of what moves a… Continue reading

BYOD – “West of Memphis” 2012 Sundance Film Festival Preview w /Amy Berg

EPISODE SYNOPSIS We decided to dub this episode our “social justice edition” in honor of our amazingly talented guest, Amy Berg. Amy is known for her tireless pursuit of uncovering and exposing the truth while setting real change in motion… Continue reading

BYOD – An American Treasure and Living Legend Les Blank and his Documentary Films

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: One of the great living documentary makers of the modern day, Les Blank joins BYOD. After fifty years making incredible docs that showcase the human spirit through art, struggle and humor, Les Blank has a wealth of knowledge… Continue reading

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