Q&A: X-Men fans only, Do you think I should try and write and X-Men 4 pt.2?

Question by Big Sha456: X-Men fans only, Do you think I should try and write and X-Men 4 pt.2?
For the people who have already answered pt.1 of my x-men 4 question thank you! So far, everyone has said “Yes, go for it!” So so far I am, I haven’t started writing a script yet but I already have a plot in mind. I know that there is a lot more to the X-Men comic book series rather than just the Weapon X Facility story, The Phoenix/Dark Phoenix Saga, the Age Of Apocalypse, and the Origins of Wolverine, but I also know that the age of apocalypse is one of the most important sagas of the series, so I decided to write my script based on his age. My idea is to let Apocalypse have the same background like he does in the comic book. He will be known as the first mutant ever born and he had once tried to take over the world until he was stopped and was trapped inside hard indestructible rock like stone and he awakens with the same goal of taking over the world and he considers himself to be the G.O.D and father to all mutants and he wants to eliminate all humans so it can be a mutant ruled world. The X-Men and The Brotherhood must work together once again to try and thwart Apocalypse’s plans, as he is to powerful to be stopped alone.

*Does anyone agree with my plot, if not what would you think would be a good plot for an apocalypse film that links to the X-Men movie series and makes sense, if you don’t think I should do one then tell me which plot should I use for a fourth film?

*Does anyone have any good name suggestions other than something simple like X-Men: Rise Of Apocalypse, or X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, give me a name different like X-Men: The Awakened?

*Halle Berry once spoke on how X-Men fans who wanted to see a fourth X-Men film could contact if they wanted to see a fourth film, does anyone know her source. If anyone has any better sources these sources will also be accepted.

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Answer by Joe Jack
oh man have i wish for a fourth X-men film since last stand. first i think they can start Apocalypse with first introducing Mr.Sinister. I’m not a big fan of Cyclops but still think it was messed up what happened in Last Stand ans think they owe him a movie, i think part four should be based out of him and mr. sinister. they could also get costumes im tired of those damn black nasty shit they were, sure it looks more modern but damn i wanna see super hero tights damn it! lol any who i was thinking that they could add that speech that he says about the black leather and super hero costumes from astonishing x-men #1 and adapt it from there onto the movie, that would be awesome. but if they base yet another wolverine movie in x-men 4 they should do it in russia and omega red the bad guy, kinda like in Uncanny X-Men Divided we stand and give colossus some time to shine aswell lol he’s pure x-men power and hardly show him kickin but . but yeah also i would like to see Sebastian Shaw but think the hellfire club would be boring to most people. i dont know there are so much they could do with the x-men franchise but hope they just do a kick ass movie for part 4, oh and bring Juggy back he’s just too damn badass.

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