The Guide to Script-to-Sales is created for the Investor, Producer, Director and Actor of independent film. Each year thousands of independently financed, produced and created films are turned down for distribution. After a big private opening the Project ends up on a shelf collecting dust instead of income. Too often the filmmaker has maxed-out credit cards, perhaps mortgaged the house if not her/his parents house. Friends may have invested their life savings in the Project. And it was a great story, well directed, well acted, well shot!

It failed to get distribution because those involved in the Project forgot that they were involved in a business – “Show Business”. And the business world runs on insurance, budgets, accounting and contracts.

Independant Filmmaker Contracts
Music Legal Contracts

Why did the Filmmaker not follow show business protocol and get signed contracts? Because it often occurs that the filmmaker is a brilliant “film maker”. And the Investor may lack the knowledge of the contracts side of the business, whether it is a film, music video, stage play, short film, industrial film etc.

Contracts are an Investor’s, Producer’s and Filmmaker’s best friend. Contracts ensure that investors, producers, cast and crew are working on the same page, potentially eliminating misunderstandings down the road. Contracts protect your Rights, leave a paper trail, and indicate your organizational ability and professional approach to your Project.

Distribution of your Project requires that you have signed contracts from all participants. And, you must have Errors and Omissions Insurance against potential liability. No contracts, no insurance and no distribution, no income.

The Guide progresses from “Idea” to “Exhibition “ through over 70 contracts and agreements. The Guide is designed to be the purchaser’s diary as it is fully editable and can be filled out and expanded online, or the Guide can be printed out and secured in a binder where pages can be added as necessary.

Script To SalesThroughout the Guide the contracts mentioned are in bold print and underlined can be “clicked on” to be connected to the appropriate page on IndependentFilmmakerContracts.com where a sample of the contract may be viewed and contracts can be purchased.

Although this Guide leads the Filmmaker through filmmaking contracts, it is not asserted that the Guide is in any way definitive for any or all situations. Your Project may and probably will contain unique situations and proper accounting advise from an Accountant and proper legal advise from a Lawyer should always be sought.

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