BYOD – SXSW FF Pt.2: Exposé films, Wikileaks, Code of the West, and Bay of All Saints

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: On the second installment of BYOD at SXSW, Vlad and Ondi focus on exposé documentaries that screened at the festival. First we talk with Patrick Forbes, the last man standing in the race to get a Wikileaks documentary. The we feature Code of the West director, Rebecca Richman Cohen and talk to her about medical marijuana in Montana, and the process of integrating her legal and filmmaking knowledge. Finally, we spoke with one of the breakthrough directors of the SXSW festival, Annie Eastman, about her film Bay of All Saints, which details the life of people in Bahia, Brazil that are on the border of homelessness. From living in sea shanty towns, to moving through the wilderness of political ambivalence, the film tells a moving story of heroic people dealing with adversity. GUEST BIOS: Rebecca Richman Cohen is an Emmy Award nominated filmmaker and a lecturer on law at Harvard Law School. She did investigative journalism at the Special Court for Sierra Leone, and subsequently made a documentary detailing warring factionalism, War Don Don. That film won a Special Jury Prize at SXSW FF. In 2010 she was profiled in Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces in Independent Film as an “up-and-comer poised to shape the next generation of independent film.” Annie Eastman is an independent filmmaker that had a background in Capoeira and travelled to Bahia, Brazil, where she soon was shooting her documentary feature, Bay of All Saints. Ms. Eastman studied at University of
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