Tales of Masked Men: A Journey through Lucha Libre

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Carlos Avila, Tales of Masked Men is a creative and imaginative exploration of the colorful, fascinating, and mysterious world of lucha libre—Mexican wrestling. Filmed in Mexico and the United States, the film also profiles three legendary… Continue reading

Tales of Symphonia – Ep.5 | Mistake at the Ranch

FROM THIS EPISODE ON, WE WILL BE PLAYING ON MANIA MODE. Mania mode is basically the toughest difficulty there is on the game. The enemies all have twice as much HP, deal twice as much damage and take half as… Continue reading

Tales of Tyria – #42: Buy High and Sell Higher

Show Notes: goo.gl You’ve heard us talk about it for weeks, but now we finally sit down with Freelancer to ask and answer one simple question: How in the world did he make so much damn gold in the beta… Continue reading

Tales of Xillia – Part 109 [Jude ~ Magna Zero – Boss: Golden Demon]

{READ DESCRIPTION!} Watch in HD!! Likes, comments and suscriptions are welcome 😀 And if you click those adds better :3 Playlist: www.youtube.com Magna Zero is the post-game dungeon. Yes, post-game. But you carry out the key needed to open it… Continue reading

Muffin Stories – Albert Schweitzer | Children’s Tales, Stories and Fables

Schweitzer entered a theological school in order to be a church minister like his father. While saying this, he made up his mind. When he had passed a medical qualification examination after making efforts for six years, he made up… Continue reading

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