Curse of the Golden Flower

The ill-fated romance between an imperial bodyguard and a prince takes the lovers on a dangerous journey where royal family secrets are revealed. (Original Title – Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia) 2006 World Famous Development Limited. All Rights Reserved.

Building the Golden Gate Bridge pt2-2 Bethlehem Steel

more at news.quickfound.net “Great footage from 1930s of the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in every phase of construction. Stock shots of completed bridge; informative narration; explanative illustrations illuminate bridges dimensions and other structural aspects of design.” Public domain… Continue reading

Jackit Game Adventures – Golden Sun: The Lost Age [34]

More fun with gears. Gears and rotation, just how do they work? (SPOILERS Video Progression): Continue exploring Gabomba Statue Pound down the other sake, dropping the big gear making everything rotate around Pick up the Venus Djinn Steel We make… Continue reading

Trooper and the Legend of the Golden Key

Trooper the Bloodhound is a natural-born sleuth who lives in a town that has a mysterious legend…a legend of a Golden Key that could be worth one million dollars. But when Trooper and his owner, 10 year-old Tommy, try to… Continue reading

Tales of Xillia – Part 109 [Jude ~ Magna Zero – Boss: Golden Demon]

{READ DESCRIPTION!} Watch in HD!! Likes, comments and suscriptions are welcome 😀 And if you click those adds better :3 Playlist: www.youtube.com Magna Zero is the post-game dungeon. Yes, post-game. But you carry out the key needed to open it… Continue reading

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