Muffin Stories – Albert Schweitzer | Children’s Tales, Stories and Fables

Schweitzer entered a theological school in order to be a church minister like his father. While saying this, he made up his mind. When he had passed a medical qualification examination after making efforts for six years, he made up… Continue reading

Albert Nobbs

Based on the short story by Irish author George Moore and nominated for 3 Academy Awards, ALBERT NOBBS is “a lovely and surprising move.” (AO Scott, The New York Times) Award-winning actress Glenn Close (Albert Nobbs) gives a “powerhouse performance”… Continue reading

How To Unbrick, Root, Rom using NVFlash on the ASUS Transformer by Albert Wertz of

Thanks go out to RaYmAn , Bumblebee, team, Roach, and the crew of for all of their efforts in making Honeycomb roms and roots available to the masses across many tablet devices. Quick instructions (more detailed ones soon… Continue reading

Demo NTV4.5 SD Root Card for Nook Tablet by Albert Wertz

Albert Wertz Demonstrated the Root SD Card V4.5. Install Clock Work Mod Make Backups Install Packaged Zips Flash back to Stock Unroot Root And Make your own. Allow you to Root Nook Tablet Without a PC Purchase and troubleshoot:… Continue reading

Film editing with Albert Brooks

a lesson in film editing with Albert Brooks, Bruno Kirby. from the film MODERN ROMANCE I clam Fair Use in posting this clip. I encourge everybody to rent or buy this movie. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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