KESHA + STAR WARS Tik Tok Music Video Spoof!

A Star Wars themed, Ke$ ha Tik Tok music video spoof! We’ve also referenced a couple of other movies and have thrown in some Easter Eggs for the hard core Sta… Video Rating: 4 / 5

Barnaby Jack, director of… Continue reading


Thanks For *SUBSCRIBING*!!! Check out BONUS VIDs HERE www.youtube.com Thanks to: David Choi for making my background music. Check him out HERE www.youtube.com ANNOUNCEMENTS: *My shirts are now at HOT TOPIC! yeah! tinyurl.com *I have a new channel for random… Continue reading

Gizzy Potter And The Blonde Dreadlocks (*SPOOF* TRAILER!)

I am no longer interested in making runescape videos, you can now find MINECRAFT daily videos on my channel. Not actually going to make this, just a spoof trailer. Was planning on making this video a while ago but decided… Continue reading

Appleites – Judas Spoof, Steve Jobs Tribute

This video is in no may me trying to be serious, in fact, I’m not responsible if your ears start to hurt from this song, but oh well, Enjoy me making a fool of myself, and i would love to… Continue reading

How to trick people into thinking you’re a good looking girl (if you’re a guy) Jenna Marbles Spoof

GAMING CHANNEL – youtube.com 2ND CHANNEL – youtube.com Please Like, Share & Subscribe!! TWEET THIS TO JENNA MARBLES – clicktotweet.com This is a parody of Jenna Marbles’ most popular video “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking”. However,… Continue reading

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