Gizzy Potter And The Blonde Dreadlocks (*SPOOF* TRAILER!)

I am no longer interested in making runescape videos, you can now find MINECRAFT daily videos on my channel. Not actually going to make this, just a spoof trailer. Was planning on making this video a while ago but decided… Continue reading

How To Get Dreadlocks Curly *STEP BY STEP*

Spread the Knowledge! clicktotweet.com tweet this video! www.facebook.com This is a braidout tutorial and basically im showing how to get dreadlocks curly. comment, rate, but most importantly SUBSCRIBE Video Rating: 4 / 5

Knotty Boy How to Make Dreadlocks – Part 2

*Please send all questions to the Contact Us address found at www.knottyboy.com – no questions will be answered from this YouTube page. Thanks!* Welcome to Part 2 in our series on How to Make, Maintain and Remove Dreadlocks – the… Continue reading

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