Magic Coin Tricks Revealed: Classic Palm Coin Magic Trick

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This English lesson will teach you common expressions when making offers, giving gratitude, making apologies and making requests. Also how to respond both… Continue reading

Most Amazing Magic/Illusion Trick!!!

so far I think this is the best magic trick ive seen….( i obviously didn’t make this but it is my 1st uploaded video O_x) Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Alli BMX – Step by Step: Daniel Dhers, How to Land a Flair – Trick Tip

“Step By Step: Daniel Dhers, Flair” – Get some tips from the pros on how to do the basic tricks and some advanced ones too. Today BMXer Daniel Dhers goes through all the steps needed to pull off your first flair.

Excel Magic Trick #126: Macro: Advanced Filter Extract Text

See how to create a macro that will do an Advanced Filter Movie Title Extract for a Movie Database. See how to create the TRUE FALSE formula for advanced filter before creating a Macro and then adding the Macro to… Continue reading

Holidays Making You SICK? Trick Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better! – Toasted Donut

Subscribe to Diggnation! And check out Revision3! – The holidays are here and so is Hippie Glenn to discuss the perils of overeating and too much drinking during the season and his disgusting personal solutions to these issues.… Continue reading

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