Tammy Goes to Prom – PART 2 – Bonus Tips! – HAWT (WDGAF)

Tammy is back with some Bonus Tips for going to prom! She offers advice about why the up-do is the best hairstyle, why you need a good looking date with a good looking car (bonus for giant rims!), and how… Continue reading

Toddlers and Tiaras and Tammy – Full Glitz Makeover – HAWT (WDGAF)

How to do a full glitz makeover for your Toddler to win that Crown! Unfortunately, Tammy doesn’t have a child, so she is using her beauty and pageant coach Kevin as a beautiful model. Tammy goes over hair and makeup… Continue reading

Hawt And Not EP. 2

Thumbs up so I know to keep making more episodes 🙂 A story of how I got burnt and more! Any of you also got burnt? Tell me all about it! Hawt And Not Ep. 2 Items ►Bio Oil 30… Continue reading

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