Tammy Goes to Prom – PART 2 – Bonus Tips! – HAWT (WDGAF)

Tammy is back with some Bonus Tips for going to prom! She offers advice about why the up-do is the best hairstyle, why you need a good looking date with a good looking car (bonus for giant rims!), and how to lose weight to fit in those cut-out dresses! Leave a comment and let us know how your prom went! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE TAMMY! ‪www.youtube.com Tumblr: www.wedontgiveafrak.tumblr.com Twitter www.twitter.com Facebook: on.fb.me We Don’t Give a Frak is the greatest channel ever created, however, we don’t give a frak about that. We make how to videos for ladies, a show about Batman, and geek raps. We also upload a random assortment of nonsense.

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