Janet Jackson – That’s the Way Love Goes

Janet Jackson – That’s the Way Love Goes Directed by: René Elizondo Jr. ©1993 VIRGIN RECORDS AMERICA, INC.

Tammy Goes to Prom – PART 2 – Bonus Tips! – HAWT (WDGAF)

Tammy is back with some Bonus Tips for going to prom! She offers advice about why the up-do is the best hairstyle, why you need a good looking date with a good looking car (bonus for giant rims!), and how… Continue reading

Summer Plans & Justin Bieber Goes Country – Everything That Really Matters – Ep. 9

Dream Mining freshmen Lilly and Sarah discuss their plans for the summer, Justin Bieber going country, his upcoming movie, and a hot new fashion trend that will have you rocking the season in style! Make sure you watch every episode… Continue reading

Musicians@Google Presents: Google Goes Gaga

An exclusive Google interview with Lady Gaga! Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Billy Gets Minecraft – Part 14: Billy Goes Big

Lets see how Billy handles today’s challenge. Today billy is annoyed by a noise. tinyurl.com Billy Gets Minecraft Series Playlist. Thanks for Favoriting and Liking!! It helps a lot! ● Halfblocked Lets Play Channel: tinyurl.com ● Halfblocked Behind The Scenes:… Continue reading

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