Gosford Park

Robert Altman directs this Oscar��-winning whodunit about a country estate murder that has the police baffled, but not the all-seeing servants who know that almost everyone had a motive. Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Barefoot in the Park

Robert Redford is Mister Straight. Jane Fonda is his new wife, who dedicates her life to the pursuit of fun. As the ecstasy of the honeymoon gives way to the reality of setting up housekeeping in a fiveflight walk-up, the… Continue reading

Animates – Safari Park

Alison Douglas takes us on a trip to Blair Drummond Safari Park where she helps feed the tigers and plays with two lion cubs, and Richard Dixon from Glasgow Vet School and Mark Maguire give advice on buying and caring… Continue reading

Barney: Songs From The Park

Barney’s new park is a great place to play! And it’s a great place to sing and dance with the world’s most musical dinosaur. The pond is a great place to sing “Duckies Do,” and the playground is perfect for… Continue reading

Star Trek Theme Park, Opening In 2014

Jon discusses the upcoming development of a 184-acre entertainment resort in Aqaba, Jordan set to open in 2014 that is partially themed around the “Star Trek” franchise. MSNBC Article — ~~ The World According To Jon ~~ Be informed… Continue reading

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