Barefoot in the Park

Robert Redford is Mister Straight. Jane Fonda is his new wife, who dedicates her life to the pursuit of fun. As the ecstasy of the honeymoon gives way to the reality of setting up housekeeping in a fiveflight walk-up, the… Continue reading

16×9 – Catch Me If You Can: Barefoot Bandit Colton Harris-Moore

He’s made headlines for his cheeky way of committing crimes. A teen from small town America who’s been on a crime rampage throughout the us and Canada. Now police on both sides of the border are desperate to catch him… Continue reading

The Barefoot Executive

A young Kurt Russell stars as Steven Post — an ambitious mailroom clerk at a second-rate TV network. With his eye on the boardroom, and getting nowhere with the studio’s top dog, he makes a career-changing discovery. His girlfriend’s lovable… Continue reading

The making of floor art at Barefoot

Floor art at Barefoot with JEANET HÖNIG Video Rating: 0 / 5

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