Supercars: The One Gallon Fuel Crisis Race – Top Gear – BBC

With petrol prices rising, the Top Gear team give alternative advice on fuel economy on saving money by racing 5 supercars. The Ferrari 599, Lamborghini Murc…

This tutorial will show you how to look like a haunting vampire. Inspired by… Continue reading

Mass Effect 3’s iOS App, Psychonauts 2, Metal Gear Solid HD Vita, and Retro City Rampage!

Today’s DTOID episode returns to our normal format of covering the news. Today’s news includes EA’s newly announced Mass Effect iOS game, a new trailer for upcoming XBLA title Retro City Rampage, yet another Nintendo 3DS price cut, details on… Continue reading

GameCube Longplay [004] Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (Part 1 of 4) Played by RickyC First playthrough on normal with the good ending. Some things I prefered in this version but still like the original better. Here the soliders actually aren’t blind and can hear you from above/below walking on any… Continue reading

Hobbing (Gear cutting) on a Mini-Mill with EMC2

Using a spiral gear hob and a special configuration file in EMC2 to hob a gear. The rotary axis is electrically geared in software to the mill spindle so that they stay in phase all the time. The gear is… Continue reading

Modern Warfare 2 meets Metal Gear Solid – part 2

We’re on facebook now! MODERN WAR GEAR SOLID DVDS AVAILABLE AT: MODERN WAR GEAR SOLID – ACT 2: SunBurn When Makarov and Liquid Ocelot team up, it’s up to Snake and Ghost to stop them. But who is… Continue reading

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