Supercars: The One Gallon Fuel Crisis Race – Top Gear – BBC

With petrol prices rising, the Top Gear team give alternative advice on fuel economy on saving money by racing 5 supercars. The Ferrari 599, Lamborghini Murc…

This tutorial will show you how to look like a haunting vampire. Inspired by… Continue reading

16×9 – Business model to survive financial crisis

How did a pulp mill that seemed all but doomed manage to survive the financial crisis in the forestry sector? Carolyn Jarvis reports. Video Rating: 5 / 5

Instant Star – Personality Crisis

Given her struggling album sales, Jude is beyond thrilled when she s nominated for a Peeps Pics Awards and beyond nervous. Jude s boyfriend Spiederman doesn t help matters he s having too much fun making fun of her hair.… Continue reading

euronews business planet – Women entrepreneurs could be answer to crisis This week, Business Planet takes a look at one of Europe’s answers to the economic crisis: a network of tutors encouraging women entrepreneurs. There’s still a long way to go – only 35 percent of those who are self-employed… Continue reading

Talk to Al Jazeera – Special: Europe in crisis

While some are hopeful for financial stability in the Euro area, others remain skeptical. We talk to Klaus Regling, the head of EFSF; and Professor Marcus Kerber, Technical University of Berlin.

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