Mass Effect 3’s iOS App, Psychonauts 2, Metal Gear Solid HD Vita, and Retro City Rampage!

Today’s DTOID episode returns to our normal format of covering the news. Today’s news includes EA’s newly announced Mass Effect iOS game, a new trailer for upcoming XBLA title Retro City Rampage, yet another Nintendo 3DS price cut, details on… Continue reading

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed PS Vita – for Wii U, Vita, & 3DS? & Nintendo Network Info

Sumo Digital Studios has hinted at them making a new game for the Wii U, PS Vita, and Nintendo 3DS and have left many people to strongly believe it is a sequel to the well received Sonic and Sega All… Continue reading

PS Vita – Making Your Own Augmented Reality Cards

Making Your Own Augmented Reality Cards on the Sony PS Vita! Link to the Playstation Augmented Reality cards article containing the PDF File : My website :

Street art is any art developed in public spaces – that… Continue reading

The Daily Brief – Russia’s Human Barbie, Skype on PS Vita – 04.24.12

First up, becoming a self-made internet star in Russia usually involves bungee jumping from tall buildings, comparing different machine guns or chugging full bottles of vodka. One young woman however, has become an internet sensation for looking remarkably like a… Continue reading

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