Robotic Bird Takes Flight

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Actually, it’s both. Presenting the robotic SmartBird that looks and flies just like the real thing. The other side of normal. W…

Let’s Play – Guild Wars 2 – Part 8 – That Takes Skill

Part 8 of my ‘Let’s Play’ gameplay and commentary in the MMO, Guild Wars 2, by ArenaNet. In this episode we join Reggie as we learn about Waypoints being contested, the hard way, before speaking with a local Scout who… Continue reading

Where the Day Takes You

This gripping drama examines the lives of homeless runaway teenagers struggling to survive on the streets of Hollywood. Drugs, prostitution and violence are daily fare, but these youngsters pull together and form a new family – replacing the unbearable homes… Continue reading

Ricky Gervais takes his Emmy back

Digg: digg.com Ricky Gervais takes his Emmy back from Steve Carell during the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards (edited; only includes essential parts). Video Rating: 4 / 5

Friday the 13th Part 13: Jason Takes the Suburbs (Parody Fan Film)

Thanks for Subscribing!! A LaughWithLulu Halloween 2011 Special!! A deranged killer has escaped, who will Jason’s next victim(s) be? Stay tuned to find out!! Does Jason mind his manners? Perhaps yes and perhaps no. Written by Louie Barra & Pablo… Continue reading

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