Let’s Play – Guild Wars 2 – Part 8 – That Takes Skill

Part 8 of my ‘Let’s Play’ gameplay and commentary in the MMO, Guild Wars 2, by ArenaNet. In this episode we join Reggie as we learn about Waypoints being contested, the hard way, before speaking with a local Scout who gives us an overview of things to come. We then finish off our task from last week’s episode of killing Centaurs so that we can unlock another Waypoint and begin the task of unlocking Skill Challenges. This sees us making our way over to The Windmill King to test our mettle against one very large rat.. Server: Gate of Madness Sambo’s Username: SamboNZ.1796 Reggie’s Username: Regina Lacerta.9026 Part 7: www.youtube.com Part 9: www.youtube.com Pink Yeti Army Website: pinkyetiarmy.enjin.com Reggie’s Steam profile: steamcommunity.com Reggie’s LiveStream: www.twitch.tv Reggie’s Facebook: www.facebook.com www.guildwars2.com All content © ArenaNet and NCSoft

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