PVC Pipe Catamaran Sailboat RebelCat 5 on the MOVE!

Finally, some video of RebelCat 5 sailing (see RebelCat.com), and fast. I mounted camcorders on the cat – you have to watch this video to see how cool this is. Many thanks to those who requested video, the only way… Continue reading

Animusic 2 – Pipe Dream 2

Visit www.animusic.com if you’re interested in watching this amazing Animusic video, along with seven, fourteen, or more other Animusic videos, with much better picture and sound quality on DVD. Animusic is a computer animation company specializing in the visualization of… Continue reading

On the Pipe 6 – Andre Villa

Two years in the making, Jay Schweitzer and Mike McEntire have gone all out for this latest Release of On the Pipe 6 “Pack it Up”. With the sport of FMX having reached a global takeover, we decided to travel… Continue reading

tokecity.com draw a pipe contest

a pices im entering in a contest Video Rating: 4 / 5

powered by http;//www.eurovision.tv Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira gave one of the most energetic performances of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with their song Run Away. They were… Continue reading

Pearce takes skills out of pipe and into booth

Pearce takes skills out of pipe and into booth Snowboarder Kevin Pearce, working as broadcast analyst at the Winter X Games, looks over a snowboarding hill at the Winter X Games on Saturday. Pearce, of Norwich, Vt., is steadily making… Continue reading

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