how to make a longboard (read description, and use MAPLE NOT BIRCH)

in this video i show you how to build a longboard. What you need: 1-1/4 in plywood (DONT USE BIRCH LIKE I DID, its way to flexible. USE NON VENEER MAPLE) 2-wood glue or contact cement 3-fiberglass and resin 4-brushes… Continue reading

Maple Syrup Maker

Mike travels to San Francisco to participate in the messy process of paint bulking. Then he heads to Wagner’s Sugar Camp in Pennsylvania to spend the day making delicious maple syrup the old-fashioned way. Video Rating: 0 / 5

Congressman… Continue reading

Maple Story – Lith Harbor (Above the Treetops) piano cover!!

YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!! I haven’t had a Maple Story piano cover in soooooo longgg. I was supposed to make this a while ago… but the sheet music didn’t live up to my standard, so I ended up starting over and making the… Continue reading

Maple Yen Angel MMV Memory- Sugarcult

For anyone thats watched my previous 2 uploads the characters have been drastically changed since then, and those pale in comparison to how awesome this turned out for me, I could have done much better if i had better software… Continue reading

Roy Payne – I wouldn’t Take A Million Dollars For A Single Maple Leaf

Video By James R. Yetman: Roy Absalom Payne was born in Trout River, NL. He was raised by grandparents, served 12 years in the Canadian army, and was a truck driver amongst other odd jobs before making music his… Continue reading

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