The Baby In The Womb(for full video attention to description)

for watching full video of baby in the womb plz check these links out 1-… Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Note Book – No Mercy ( Lyrics in Description)

Using Windows Movie Maker and taking the “Making love scene” in The Movie “The Notebook” With the music from Ty Herndon “No Mercy”. I DO NOT OWN the music or…

Sims 3 pets – How to Create a wolf/wolf pack tutorial PART 3(READ DESCRIPTION!)

Download Link for Sims 3 Pets Create a Pet Demo: I AM SOO SORRY EVERYONE THEY DID NO…

how to make a longboard (read description, and use MAPLE NOT BIRCH)

in this video i show you how to build a longboard. What you need: 1-1/4 in plywood (DONT USE BIRCH LIKE I DID, its way to flexible. USE NON VENEER MAPLE) 2-wood glue or contact cement 3-fiberglass and resin 4-brushes… Continue reading

Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson – Church Folks [Lyrics In The Description]

This video is dedicated to all the church folks out there. The one’s that judge people when they are the main one’s doing wrong themselves. IN THE CHURCH!!! Jesus spoke on this when they were about to stone the women.… Continue reading

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