The Guard

Sergeant Gerry Boyle is an eccentric small-town cop with a confrontational and crass personality and a subversive sense of humor. A longtime policeman in County Galway, Boyle is a maverick with his own moral code. He has seen enough of… Continue reading

The Crossing Guard

Academy Award winner Jack Nicholson (How Do You Know) drives this suspenseful, critically acclaimed action thriller about one man’s unquenchable thirst for revenge. For six agonizing years, Freddy Gale (Nicholson) has waited for John Booth (David Morse), the man jailed… Continue reading

NBA 2K12 My Player Playoffs SFG1 – Kidd Can’t Guard Me

SFG1 = Semi Finals Game 1 If you missed my last video click here Dirk got injured and won’t be playing in this series. In this video I give my thoughts on the 1st round of the real NBA… Continue reading

Screen Guard for Samsung Wave

by cliff1066™

Screen Guard for Samsung Wave

Samsung announced the launch of its new series of smart phones in Barcelona, Spain. The quality is a threat to smart phones launched by other leading brands. The Samsung wave was found to… Continue reading

The Imperial Guard Song

Link to the mp3: Thanks to googles333 for putting this up. By the way… – Stop telling me to get the skeleton key, I needed a pick to break for the video and the skeleton key would have been… Continue reading

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