NBA 2K12 – Defense Tips – Full Court Trap Tutorial

A video showing How to Play Good Full Court Trap Defense in NBA 2K12. Sliders I use: 100 – Offensive Tempo 100 – Defensive Pressure 100 – Help Defense 100 – Fast Break 100 – Double Teams 100 – Attack… Continue reading

NBA 2K12 My Player Playoffs – Going for the Nuke

We won 24 games in a row to finish the regular season. If we win our 1st playoff game we will drop a nuke on the hall of fame CPU! 2:18 Skip end of season awards with Smoove City! 3:14… Continue reading

NBA 2K12 – Offense Tips – How to beat Zone Defense (Great for 3 Point Shooting)

This video shows you a great way to beat Zone Defense in NBA 2K12. The basic idea is to dribble deep into the lane with your ball handler, and then kick it out to a shooter. The reason this works… Continue reading

NBA 2K12 Ultimate Dribbling Tutorial: Crossovers & Ankle Breakers By ShakeDown2012

Learn how to finally beat your opponent off the dribble. It’s easier to perform these moves then it is to explain them spelled out in words. So again, if I make any mistakes, please help me out in the comments.… Continue reading

NBA 2K12 My Player Playoffs SFG1 – Kidd Can’t Guard Me

SFG1 = Semi Finals Game 1 If you missed my last video click here www.youtube.com Dirk got injured and won’t be playing in this series. In this video I give my thoughts on the 1st round of the real NBA… Continue reading

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