GeekBeat.TV – Hack Siri to Start Your Car & Make a Pizza on Your iPad!

GeekBeat.TV #329: A power cord made for a crowd, a glass keyboard and mouse, starting a car with Siri, an app that lets you design (and order) a pizza, we help you out with gift ideas, and business advice… Continue reading

GeekBeat.TV – CES 2011 | Slingbox Sling Adapter (700U)

For Dish Network customers with a ViP 722 or ViP 722k HD DuoDVR box, getting your television anywhere across the web just got easier. The Sling Adapter (700U) plugs into your satellite box with a USB connection, making setup super-simple!

GeekBeat.TV – MiFi for Verizon’s 4G LTE and This RC car runs on can tabs! GB170

Verizon brings you a MiFi for their 4G LTE service, you can have a radio in the shape of a giant LEGO brick, Bridgestone is making their own eReader, and more! 4G MiFi AeroBEE dAIH20rean

GeekBeat.TV – CES 2011 | iGo KeyJuice USB Charger

The iGo KeyJuice is a tiny, portable USB charging and syncing device for charging your iPod or iPhone. It plugs into any standard USB port and will quickly give your dying devices some juice. One of the coolest things about… Continue reading

GeekBeat.TV – A Look Inside the World of Hacker Spaces

We take a look at a Hacker Space, a place where people who like to tinker gather and cheer each other on! Dallas Makerspace We visited the Dallas Makerspace for this show. If you’re in the DFW area, you should… Continue reading

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