GeekBeat.TV – Hack Siri to Start Your Car & Make a Pizza on Your iPad!

GeekBeat.TV #329: A power cord made for a crowd, a glass keyboard and mouse, starting a car with Siri, an app that lets you design (and order) a pizza, we help you out with gift ideas, and business advice from a man who’s been there! Watch our holiday gift guide playlist: 00:23 Pod Power How do you improve the concept of an extension cord? How about placing an outlet every three feet along its length? 01:00 Multi-Touch Glass Keyboard and Mouse Would you want to use a glass keyboard and mouse? This Kickstarter project is making that set happen. 01:29 Siri, Start My Car Siri can do a lot on your iPhone, but what about elsewhere? Here’s a hack to let the software start your car! 02:26 Domino’s Pizza Hero App Domino’s is letting you be a pizza prodigy with their Pizza Hero app for the iPad – you can design a pizza, get graded on your work, then order it if you want to! 03:29 Geek Beat Gift Guide As the shopping season gets going, we’re here to help! You can see all our gift suggestions throughout the season at! 03:53 John P’s Business Advice Did you know that John P, the co-host of Geek Beat LIVE, retired from a Fortune 500 company at the age of 34? He knows a few things about business success and is sharing them with subscribers to our newsletter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ See our whole gift guide: Like, Comment & Share Today’s Episode: GeekBeatTV #326: Find us everywhere! Facebook, Twitter

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