Tips During Rainy Season – Entry to Smart Schools Video Making Contest

“This video is an entry of General Santos City High School to Smart Schools’ “Tips during Rainy Season” Video Making Contest. Please visit the Smart Schools …

Planning of Pregnancy – Sex During Pregnancy – Intimacy and Childbirth

Watch Sex During Pregnancy in HD. Pregnancy is a period of expectant waiting and one that all of us aspire to experience at least once in our lifetime. As we set foot on the path that transmutes one from a… Continue reading

DermTV – What Skincare Products Are Safe During Pregnancy [DermTV.com Epi #60]

There is a lot of confusion about what skincare products and ingredients you can and can’t use during pregnancy. Dr. Schultz explains what skincare is safe during pregnancy and what isn’t. www.dermtv.com Like Us On Facebook facebook.com Follow On Twitter:… Continue reading

69. 10 Things NOT To Do During Sex

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Sony vegas movie studio HD 9.0 crashing during render?

Question by Shane Benson: Sony vegas movie studio HD 9.0 crashing during render? I am making a video about 2 min long and every time I try to render it crashes in same spot I have waited a day… Continue reading

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