GTA 4 Modding tutorial , replacing original cars by custom ones — DETAILED TUTORIAL

This is a detailed tutorial ! It explains you how to replace original GTA 4 cars by custom cars modeled by nice amateur and pro modelers !!! Also explains how to REPLACE everything such as Handling , colour and more… Continue reading

HOW TO-Wax your car (Very Detailed, Useful Information) **Also refer to description

**PLEASE NOTE: “Liquid Polymer Carnauba Wax” is not the same as a Low Cost, Low Quality, common liquid wax. These same techniques apply to your RV, Motorcycle, truck and Bus. 1. Blue Coral Car soap (or similar, avail. at wal-mart)… Continue reading

Is my letter too detailed, or overbearing ?

by Boogies with Fish

Question by the_force_q: Is my letter too detailed, or overbearing ? I only want to know your opinion as far as the letter being too detailed, drawn out, overbearing, etc..

This letter is to a… Continue reading

Remote Desktop Over Internet on Windows 7(Step by Step Detailed Tutorial)

This is a demonstration of remote desktop over internet so that a computer can be accessed at a remote location without having to go into that location and use the computer as if we were sitting in front of that… Continue reading

How To Make Money On | With Youtube. Detailed Explanation! click to go to training. How To Make Money On | With Youtube! When you first start out on YouTube views are everything. The rush you get when you log on to YouTube to see that you’ve broken 10000… Continue reading

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