Chef Daniel Green’s Thai Curry (Recipe Rehab)

Daniel learned to cook in Thailand so this dish takes on a personal agenda with him. He whips up a great dish using eggplant and tofu instead of meat. Watch to see Chef Daniel’s tips and techniques! Subscribe to Everyday… Continue reading

Chef Jet Tila and Chef Daniel Green Make A Thai Curry (Recipe Rehab)

Chef Jet and Chef Daniel clash in the kitchen trying to create a vegetarian curry. Both chefs use tofu as a base for this vegiterranean curry, but their execution is very different. Watch to find out which curry makes the… Continue reading

In the movie IT, does Tim Curry wear contacts?


Question by Tim Curry Luvah: In the movie IT, does Tim Curry wear contacts? In the movie, it looks like his eyes are red in some scenes, yellow in others, and regular in others. Is he… Continue reading

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