Bring Your Own Doc – “Ricky on Leacock” An Artist Exposé with Filmmaker Jane Weiner on BYOD DocuWeeks EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Respected Doc Director and Producer Jane Weiner shares her stunning portrait of Ricky Leacock with BYOD. She talks with Ondi about the shifts in filming that Leacock pioneered and have shaped how everyone makes movies. Jane was a present figure in the verité scene of the 70s, and her insights to the transitions that have been made in documentary up to now are enlightening. GUEST BIO: Jane Weiner’s many production credits include SILVERLAKE LIFE, JUPITER’S WIFE, HOME PAGE, RAVI SHANKAR and MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE OF BEES, which garnered a huge European audience in 2010. Inspired by her mentor, Richard Leacock, her latest film for French TV, LA CAMERA PASSE-PARTOUT celebrates the legacy of the American Cinema vérité tradition. ADD’L LINKS: EPISODE BREAKDOWN: 00:01 BYOD intro 00:12 Welcoming Jane Weiner 00:28 The premier of “Ricky on Leacock,” It’s all True Fest. 01:10 How Jane came to know Ricky Leacock, and getting into film in the early 70’s. 02:36 The Super-8 small camera movement. 06:23 Why Jane started making the film and Ricky’s rules of verité. 09:43 “Ricky on Leacock,” Clip. The birth of portable sync sound with Nehru. 11:52 Flaherty and the ethos that launched verité in the states. 15:03 Energy, inspiration and charisma–Ricky’s film crusade. 16:58 Filming the original footage–including Chris Marker. 18:55 “Do Ricky’s rules stick?” 20:30 “Ricky on Leacock,” Clip: Chiefs. 22

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