O Cara Mia, Addio (Turret Opera) on Floppy Drive

(MUSICAL SPOILER ALERT!) The Turret Opera from the end of Portal 2. As suggested by @DerAssAssinenMetzger. Based on an arrangement by the talented Sebastian Wolff. Check out his website ( sebastianwolff.info ) or his YouTube channel ( www.youtube.com ) for… Continue reading

How to Make a Full Auto Airsoft Mini Gun [Halo Inspired Mobile Turret]

If you like this video please share it with your friends! This is a type of cloud airsoft gun – named so because of how the pellets are blown around the reservoir before being fired out the barrel. Since there… Continue reading

Let’s Play: Borderlands – Episode 38: Damn TURRET!

I NEVER ALL CAPS ANYTHING EVER BUT THE TURRET MADE ME 🙁 As always I am working hard on making this LP as enjoyable as it is for me to play through and talk about so if you feel the… Continue reading

How to make a dispenser turret (Minecraft) HD

In this video I show how to make a blink device that powers a 10-dispenser turret. This is the newest step in base defense so get to know the new blocks well. I recommend making one of these if only… Continue reading

New Moon Gameplay ! Auto Turret, Hacking Device & Much More!.

—————————- READ ALL BELOW —————————— Give this video a LIKE if you think this map pack is going to be the best thing treyarch have done since black ops came out !! Click Here To Subscribe !! – www.youtube.com Click… Continue reading

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