O Cara Mia, Addio (Turret Opera) on Floppy Drive

(MUSICAL SPOILER ALERT!) The Turret Opera from the end of Portal 2. As suggested by @DerAssAssinenMetzger. Based on an arrangement by the talented Sebastian Wolff. Check out his website ( sebastianwolff.info ) or his YouTube channel ( www.youtube.com ) for all sorts of cool video game and movie covers! The software this creation is based off of is open source and available here: github.com Tutorial video here: www.youtube.com I’d love idea for new songs to perform (or even original pieces if any of you are composing-inclined); if you have any leave ’em in the comments or message me. A word of forewarning though, not everything works well on floppy drives (they’re pretty finicky as far as musical instruments go), so while I will consider every one of your suggestions, not all of them end up making good music. Check out this playlist for my other musical floppy drive creations: www.youtube.com

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