Sony NEX 5N – Video Shooting Tips [Part 2 – Third Party / Manual Lenses]

In this part, i cover using third party, non–sony lenses on your NEX-5N for video use. Most of these tips apply to taking video in general, so its good in general (eg NEX-7, A77, A65, GH2, G3, D7000, etc). Topics… Continue reading

april snow poster shooting scene

april snow poster making

Our Indiegogo campaign is over but you can still contribute here: Check out our awesome live action poster: Visit our website: We are creating a live action fan trailer based on the renowned… Continue reading

NBA 2K12 – Offense Tips – How to beat Zone Defense (Great for 3 Point Shooting)

This video shows you a great way to beat Zone Defense in NBA 2K12. The basic idea is to dribble deep into the lane with your ball handler, and then kick it out to a shooter. The reason this works… Continue reading

Fieldsports Britain – Shooting badgers and wheelchair guns

As animal rights activists bring fear to farms in the South-West of England, Fieldsports Britain widens the debate. We have been sent a film of what looks like illegal badger-shooting in the East of England, and with it a statement… Continue reading

Professional Tips for Shooting Better Home Movies

by PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE

Professional Tips for Shooting Better Home Movies

Ensure Proper Light. When shooting indoors, turn on all the lights in the room if possible. This will avoid graininess when your camera tries to brighten up the image. As a… Continue reading
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