Elements of Play – Comedy (Duke Nukem, Death Spank, Persona 4) Click here to watch Elements of Play: Voice Acting (Mass Effect 2, Devil May Cry 4, Metro 2033) Elements of Play: Comedy (Duke Nukem, Death Spank, Persona 4) Making games funny isn’t easy, and this is why. All music… Continue reading

Grabbag – Duke Nukem 3D Theme Cover

Please read: MP3 Download: Guitar Pro 5 Tab Download: This is my version of the Duke Nukem 3D theme, heavily modeled after Chris Kline aka Vertexguy’s cover, which was basically the Megadeth version but with more from the… Continue reading

Destructoid – World of Starcraft! Dead Space Dragons! And DUKE NUKEM 4EVA!!! – Destructoid

DESTRUCTOID 0042 Duke Nukem Forever is really, really REAL this time, and it’s coming out May 3rd! How about that for a piece of news on this Friday? Sure, we knew it was resurrected by Gearbox and coming to PC,… Continue reading

Duke Nukem Forever | OFFICIAL reveal trailer (2011) [HD]

Duke Nukem will be back (or not, it only took 12 years) from the press release 2K Games and Gearbox Software announced today what will be a landmark date in gaming history – legendary hero Duke Nukem will make his… Continue reading

Zombie Panic Source – Random Duke Nukem Impressions

Just some people doing Duke Nukem quotes…. aswell as making up their own quotes. (Some parts in this video can be a bit annoying to listen to) Some info: ZPS Version: Beta 1.0.1b Recorded: January 14th 2008 Deadblock looks quite… Continue reading

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