The Wacky Bunch – TWB – Playstation 4 finale (2 of 2)

In this episode, Ryan realizes John and Brandon are making more money than he is. See what steps he takes to ensure the playstation 4 stays at his house. Video Rating: 3 / 5

Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge – Finale

We take on the final tournament in the game with the help of the power of FAST FORWAAAAAAARD!!! I mean come on, it’s all the same battles we’ve done before (albeit with different decks) until the end right? And challenge… Continue reading

The Controller – Battlefield 3 – Episode 8 – Finale

Three teams are left standing and 000 is up for grabs. This time the noobs have a little help in the Battlezone. Watch who takes the cake, in the Finale of The Controller: Battlefield 3. Get More Battlefield 3! Xbox… Continue reading

Minecraft – The Jumper | Part 29 | Ze Final Battle (Finale)

Can we get 10 likes? 😀 The Jumper is a Minecraft Survival Map made my GreenGorilla8. Here is a link to the forum post: This map is a deadly game of that will test your survival and fighting skills… Continue reading

Let’s Play Sonic & the Black Knight – Walkthrough Part 7 (FINALE)

This is part seven of my walkthrough and is the FINALE video of my LP. We do a few missions in the dragon’s lair and take down the dragon and also go to Dark Hollow where we face the final… Continue reading

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