Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge – Finale

We take on the final tournament in the game with the help of the power of FAST FORWAAAAAAARD!!! I mean come on, it’s all the same battles we’ve done before (albeit with different decks) until the end right? And challenge the ultimate independent Net Navi! I’m sure all you Battle Network fanatics know who it is already. Thanks for watching Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge, and thanks to everybody who came out to the live stream when it aired. It was a wild and crazy ride, and despite the technical difficulties, it was still fun. Thanks for making this one of the funnest playthroughs yet. =) Welcome to the mystery game! You guys picked it, so here it is. We streamed this whole game on Twitch from 8/11/2012 – 8/12/2012. More videos soon to come as I get them uploaded. I apologize ahead of time for the mediocre overall video quality but unfortunately that’s about all I could do without my slow internet connection crapping out (and it still did a few times as you’ll see). Otherwise, enjoy the show! _______________________________________ Playlist Link: Show Link: _______________________________________ Website: Facebook Twitter: Ask ShadowRock On Tumblr: Twitch TV Channel: YouTube Channel:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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