The Edge of Love

High school sweethearts Bob Duke and Liana Davidson marry young and have their first baby soon after. But the shattered dreams of youth will plunge one of them to depths of despair – and the other to the bottom of a cliff.

Red Bull Stratos – Felix Baumgartner Freefall From The Edge Of Space (FULL) (HD)

*He Jumps at 1:50 * Felix Baumgartner´s epic jump from the edge of space. The red Bull Stratos Project breaks 3 records in one. Felix Baumgartner reached a speed higher than the speed of sound. (Extra Tags Ignore) squealing technician… Continue reading

Pickle Unleashed – Professor Pickle in Cool Edge

Apotos was safe for now. It may be a long time until everything is normal again, but the healing process can finally begin. The group learned from Commissioner Kratos that even Holoska was attacked. The three were on their plane… Continue reading

Hexagonal Protrusion – Solid Edge

This is a short video tutorial of How to create a drawing of a solid Hexagon in A computer aided software called Solid Edge. I have given an audio explanation too. Check it out friends. If u have further questions… Continue reading

Call of Duty 4 – Splintered Edge

It’s the Charlie Don’t Surf mission- I need a different title because, I don’t know. Video Rating: 4 / 5

Plastic boat welding 101 from the Liquidlogic boys.

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