Pickle Unleashed – Professor Pickle in Cool Edge

Apotos was safe for now. It may be a long time until everything is normal again, but the healing process can finally begin. The group learned from Commissioner Kratos that even Holoska was attacked. The three were on their plane making their way towards the frozen country. The professor spoke, “I’m amazed there has been robot sightings this far up north. The only thing up here is a bunch of scattered tribes. Oh, my boy, I remember visiting Holoska so many years ago. In fact I lived with a tri-” “Professor Pickle, we’re here!” Miles yelled. “Ah, good work! Land over there.” Pickle instructed. Miles landed the plane and the three got out. Professor Pickle said, “Miles, stay here and watch the plane again.” “But Professor Pickle! I can help because I made-” Miles tried to say. “Miles! Do as I say and watch the plane. We shall be back.” The professor demanded. Professor Pickle and his assistant entered the small tribal village nearby. They were greeted by a man with brown hair and light skin. “Greetings, my name is Nolan and I hail from the North. Some people call me Desmond, but you can call me Nathan.” “Okay, Nathan, it’s nice to make your acquaintance! You can call me Professor Pickle. Hmm… it’s strange. I feel as if I heard your voice many times before.” “I get that a lot, my friend! What brings you to our humble village?” “My sources have informed me that there have been robot sightings here in Holoska. Maybe even some sort of base.” “Oh, the base. We dared not entered
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