Crochet Abstract Cats – Crochet Geek

Crochet Cat Written Instructions Teaching the World to Crochet, One Stitch at a Time More from Crochet Geek on YouTube: Blogger – Subscribe – Abstract Crochet Cats Written by Teresa Richardson Video Tutorial: Abstract Crochet… Continue reading

Wonderful Adventure Now Korea – Coffee, Crap, and Cats in Hongdae

We wanted to show you the Coffee Prince Coffee Shop and to recreate some of the scenes, but so much got in our way of making that happen: primarily, the Coffee Prince Coffee Shop itself Read the full story over… Continue reading

The Cat’s Meow

From acclaimed director Peter Bogdanovich comes an extraordinary look at a fateful excursion aboard William Randolph Hearst’s private yacht in November 1924 that brought together some of the country’s best known personalities and resulted in a still-unsolved, hushed-up killing. As… Continue reading

The Living Tombstone Meets Yelling At Cats – Becoming Popular

[PLEASE READ – UPDATED INFO] Jesus. 65k views? Are you all insane? I want to personally thank you for the awesome support you all have given me! It means SO much to me! Here’s to more songs as awesome as… Continue reading

How to stop cats pissing on your car, The best cat video ever! – Craig Turner

Find all the cat photos and me on Facebook: ::Be sure to comment and share your thoughts or even your neighbourhood cat problem. Also let me know which of life’s questionable problems you want me to solve next 😉… Continue reading

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