Minecraft – Join your server + admin commands (Cracked + normal)

This tutorial Shows you how to join your server, make yourself admin and the admin commands First i got links to all the sites i used in all tutorials, Then if you scroll down in the description you will get… Continue reading

How to be admin of your Counter Strike 1.6 server with AMX MOD X. [Steam & No steam]

in this video y will show you how to create an admin account to you in amx mod to have better control of yourserver. to know your public ip: command to put in your console before get in the… Continue reading

How to change your Admin Name on your Computer

Well it seems that SpikeBravo is convinced that I have locked him out of his own computer. Dude you are logged in as Administrator not me. It takes 30 seconds to change your name and background picture. Quit being paranoid.… Continue reading

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