Minecraft – Join your server + admin commands (Cracked + normal)

Minecraft - Join your server + admin commands (Cracked + normal)

This tutorial Shows you how to join your server, make yourself admin and the admin commands First i got links to all the sites i used in all tutorials, Then if you scroll down in the description you will get Links to all the other minecraft server tutorials. The website of Minecraft: www.minecraft.net Minecraft server download: www.minecraft.net Portforward, open port guide: portforward.com Wiki guide on Minecraft server: www.minecraftwiki.net Site to see your ip adress: myip.nl Java Download page: www.java.com Add java as path to your computers Environment Variables: (first install the latest version of java) 1. Right click Computer 2. Click properties 3. Click “Advanced system settings” 4.Click “Environment Variables” 5. Under system variables, find the Path variable. 6. Click edit, and append to the end of the value: “;C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin” 7. Now re-open the command prompt and try again. Commands for Start_server.bat: @ECHO OFF java -Xincgc -Xmx15G -jar minecraft_server.jar -nogui Bukkit mods for Minecraft: bukkit.org Bukkit documentation: wiki.bukkit.org How to get Minecraft cracked: www.youtube.com Get your server + Java: www.youtube.com Setting up your server: www.youtube.com Open your ports to your server: www.youtube.com Installing mods from bukkit.org: www.youtube.com

I’m tired of people telling me crap about the bloom and how the video is to dark or blurry. Here is a screenshot of fallout 3 with enbseries, it shows what it really does. www.fallout3nexus.com Enbseries graphics mod can be added to any game including the ones that haven’t come out yet like GTA 4, fallout 3, Mirror’s Edge, saint rows 2, etc. Watch the video in High Res. Enbseries download: enbseries.gtamaps.net If your game is not officially supported by the enbseries creator, the game will only support Bloom and color correction. Enbseries only works with Directx 9, and X32 bit version of the games, crysis was running with settings higher than ultra on directx 9 by edinting the highspec.cfg. If you want better results, follow this steps. Open the enbseries.ini you have extracted. Find the following line: [COLORCORRECTION] Now replace that section underneath it with the following [COLORCORRECTION] DarkeningAmountDay=10 ScreenLevelDay=50 ScreenLevelNight=20 DarkeningAmountNight=7 GammaCurveDay=1 GammaCurveNight=1 ColorSaturationDay=-2.4 ColorSaturationNight=-2.2 UsePaletteTexture=0 If your game sometimes turns to black and white while in bright areas or going at fast speeds in racing games do the following. Find the line: BloomFadeTime=1000 Replace it with: BloomFadeTime=1000000 Credits to the Enbseires creator: Vorontsov Boris
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