My Little Top Gear – Friendship is Ambitious but Rubbish

200000 as of 26-Jan. Wow.. I still can’t believe this was on the TG blog. Next stop, the show itself! Naw, only joking … sort of. Here’s the word of Top Gear, from ‘Someone’s been interfering with ponies. Luckily, they’re not real ones — this is a worryingly well-executed video mashup of the My Little Pony cartoon and Top Gear. It is deeply, deeply odd. Jeremy’s morphed into Rarity, Hammond’s Fluttershy, James is Pinkie Pie and the Stig’s Twilight Sparkle. Which, coincidentally, is what they call each other in the office. Click on to watch The Mane 6 wearing a hat, Photo Finish doing something else and Twilight Sparkle listening to the Bee Gees. You will be troubled. You have been warned.’ Tonight, on My Little Top Gear: Rarity as Jeremy Clarkson Fluttershy as Richard Hammond Pinkie Pie as James May Twilight Sparkle as The Stig Photo Finish as herself and the rest! I kind of burned myself out on the title sequence for this one – it took me nine hours to finish and about ten minutes to render, because it’s quite effects-heavy. Audio is taken from Top Gear Series 16 Episode 4 – the one where they make custom motorhomes.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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